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How Can We Help?

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Star Accounting and Business Solutions (SAABS) specializes in business consulting and workflow strategy for service-based companies. It is owned by Starlitt Miller and based in Columbia, SC. SAABS’s focus is helping small businesses all over the US run smoothly, scale quickly, and increase profitability. 

Let's talk about you real quick.

Every week, you have good intentions. You plan to work on your business strategy, your goals, your vision for a better future. And then, every week, you get pulled into the little things. The scheduling. The payroll. The endless tasks that need to get done but absorb all your time and energy like a sponge.


That's what I call working in your business instead of on it.


And it's not helping you get anywhere fast. I want to change that.



Services offered are, business consultant, workflow strategy, and Quickbooks Online Advance Pro-advisement.

What that means is, I can help you:

  • Create better workflows

  • Improve your company's efficiency

  • Train employees on new software

  • Gather data for smarter decisions

  • Improve your bottom-line  


The focus is on your company’s systems so you can focus on your mission.

Where SAABS fits in.

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