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Usage, Classes & Location tracking limit change

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Update just received. There will be a change in your QuickBooks Online file read below for more information.

Change is constant

One of the greatest features of QBO is that it's easily accessible, at your fingertips if you need it via the mobile app to send an invoice to your customers or receive a payment for example. Provide access to your accounting partners so that they can support your back-end needs from their own location. Like a lot of our cloud-based applications, it's simply convenient.

As the companies of these cloud-based applications continue to grow and further develop the applications, there will be changes to adjust to. Here is one of the more recent adjustments to the user, Classes, and Location tracking limits on your QBO file due to the roll out of QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Are you usually nervous when it comes to change?

I don't think there is a need to sweat, this change isn't major. Keep on reading. : )

Below is directly from the QuickBooks Online Team communication sent to SAABS on this update

Starting in late March and rolling out over the year, these revised usage limits will be applied to all QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus customers. We'll be sending an email to all impacted customers closer to the effective date, telling them when their usage limits will go into effect.

In February, we'll also be sending Master admins an email, notifying them of the change and including information about their usage limit status. Be sure to check in with your small business clients to discuss their QuickBooks Online options.

Here are the usage limits:

Chart of Accounts

250 (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus) | UNLIMITED with Advanced